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This Wednesday I had the pleasure of getting a lovely visit from overseas. I´m writing this blog in english so she can understand it :-) We had never met before but hit it of instantly. I have found americans to be very friendly and open and she was exacly that - plus fun, smart, creative, talented and totally stunning. 

I would kill to have hair like hers!!! 

She was also very relaxed with her body and I was sure that she had posed nude before. She had told me she has photographer friends in America who she sometimes assists. Working together, we found a lot of really beautiful poses. In this kind of photography, the result is always a work of two people. She was awesome in finding ways to change her posture. I was surprised afterwards, when she told me she had never posed nude before. It makes me feel great knowing I make my models feel so at ease in front of my camera!


These kind of photosessions are done with a Time For Print contract, where neither me nor the models get paid, but we both get great pics :-) And the ones that we´re both ok with, we are free to show off wherever we´d like!


In my case, the plan is to one day show my FineArtNudes in an exibition. But I´m in no hurry and so I do these kind of sessions now and again when I come upon someone who´d like to pose for me. It can be woman or man, don´t matter.


If you know someone who might be interested in participating in my project - or if you feel up for it - please don´t hesitate to write me a line and I´ll get back to you with some more information! Normally I meet with my model in a café first to talk everything through, so that we both know what´s going to happen at the photoshoot.




Nu har ni hamnat hos en glad och påhittig fotograf som är bosatt med sin sambo Erik nära Globen i Stockholm. Här kan ni förvänta er massor av bilder från både jobb och vardag. Välkommen!

Har du några frågor kan du alltid skriva ett mail till:


"Ta bättre porträtt"

Workshop på landet
fotokurs + övernattning
16 - 17 juni 2012

Workshop på landet
fotokurs + övernattning
18 - 19 augusti 2012

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